Classroom Philosophy 

Kingdom Academy uses the MMCI (Making the Most Out of Class Room Interactions) philosophy. This philosophy is based on quality interactions between the teacher and child. This approach encourages learning opportunities and experiences throughout the day. 

Also, our school implements the Creative Curriculum that is based on life and classroom experiences. 

Further, we practice the Kindness Curriculum to promote moral development dealing with behaviors such as: bullying, sharing, and showing kindness to our friends.  

Importantly, Kingdom utilizes STEM Curriculum to promote higher learning-- Not only for students to merely gain knowledge and skills, but to make sense of this information. Click here to learn more about our STEM Program: 

Assessments and Screenings

Children are assessed three times annually using the National Gold Strategies Assessment.

ASQ (Ages & Stages) Screenings are completed upon thirty-days of enrollment and every birthday thereafter at Kingdom Academy. 


Kingdom Academy administers VPK Assessments at the beginning,

middle, and end of the school year. We also administer National Gold Strategies and ASQ Screenings to our VPK students. 


Enrichment Programs

Kingdom Academy enjoys:

  • Zumba Tonic
  • Cooking Classes 
  • Spanish Classes
  • Visits from the Library for special reading days

Our classroom environment cultivates the following developments

  • ​Communication & Language 
  • ​Mathematical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • ​Fine Motor Skills
  • Science & Exploration

Kingdom Academy's Lead Teachers have extensive training and experience in early childhood education. They stay current with various educational trainings and courses so that children have the best learning experience possible. 

A very high percentage of our Teachers have Bachelor degrees, CDA (Child Development Associate) certifications, and continuing education credits. 

Quality & Safety 

Classroom Framework

Our Preschool Educators

Kingdom Academy Preschool ("Kingdom") was founded in 1999 with the belief that offering a quality, affordable Christian preschool in Sarasota would best enable our working families to succeed.

  • We believe that children are a gift from God, given to us to love, nurture and train.

  • We believe that when children are in a safe & loving environment, they will grow & thrive.

  • We believe that childhood is a time like no other... a time for exploring... for creating... for discovering... & reaching for one's potential.

  • A time for being allowed to be a child!

​Our Philosophy

Our teachers are trained in PBS (positive behavior strategies).

Kingdom Academy is a 4 1/2 out of 5 Star school rated yearly by the Stars Improvement System

We our also state licensed by Florida Department Of Children And Families. 

Leader in Early Childhood Development

Kingdom Academy is licensed as part of the 5210 Initiative. 

Safety & Security

At Kingdom, our children's safety and security is our first priority. Thats why we surveillance monitor our premisses indoor/outdoor with high tech security cameras. 

We also provide coded entrance doors that automatically lock when closed. This ensures only authorized persons to be allowed entrance.